‘Incredible’: Sarah Sanders shares ‘powerful moment’ between U.S. soldier and Trump during surprise Iraq visit

(Image: Twitter/Dan Scavino Jr.)

President Donald Trump’s first visit to a war zone as the nation’s commander-in-chief was filled with memorable moments but one, in particular, was especially “powerful” for Sarah Sanders.

The White House press secretary was moved by the story of one U.S. soldier in Iraq on Wednesday who told the president that he was inspired to rejoin the military because of Trump’s election.

“And I am here because of you,” the president reportedly told him.

After Trump and first lady Melania left following the surprise Christmas trip to Iraq to visit with U.S. service-members, Sanders shared the story and how she met up with the young man.

“He gave me the patch from his arm,” she wrote. “Incredible.”

The “Brave Rifles” patch referred to the 3rd Cavalry Regiment of the U.S. Army stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.

A short video also showed the president with the particular U.S. soldier as they took a selfie together.

Trump and the first lady were enthusiastically received, and many were lined up to greet them.

And while the mainstream media was all too happy to spread negative reports about Trump and the military, the president proved again how popular he is with the troops.

Many were prepared with their Make America Great Again caps, which the president happily signed. He generously took one selfie after another with the troops, who were obviously happy to have him there for the holiday visit.

And while the networks, like CNN, fired off their despicable criticisms of service members breaking Department of Defense guidelines for political activities, Americans celebrated their sacrifice and the president who genuinely cared about them. Social media users praised Sanders’ story in celebratory reactions on Twitter.

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