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Soledad O’Brien’s snarky comment, Trumps ‘forgot to include their kid’ in official Christmas portrait, comes back to bite her

(Image: White House)

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Few things are as pathetic – or as entertaining – as watching liberals face plant in pompous attacks on President Donald Trump that come back to bite them.

Former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien aimed a shot at the president and First Lady Melania Trump but ended up stepping on the rake herself.

(Image: screenshot)

Reacting to a report on the White House releasing the official Christmas portrait of the Trumps, O’Brien tweeted that “they forgot to include their kid,” apparently referring to the couple’s son, Barron.

She didn’t have long to gloat over her snarky comment as the feedback came in.

With the instant magic of social media, the journalist was taken on a trip down memory lane.

A journalistic endeavor by Elite Daily sought to compare the Trump and Obama portraits, noting “one big difference” between them.

According to the author, Hannah Golden:

However, it’s worth noticing one key area where their two portraits aren’t exactly the same. Donald and Melania are standing shoulder to shoulder, holding hands, facing directly forward to the camera in a more formal stance, with a full picture of the hall behind them. Comparatively, Michelle and Barack stand close together at an angle with their arms around each other, and the camera is set in a close-up and more intimate shot.


Golden did acknowledge, “Honestly, whatever you think of the Trumps or their decor, that’s a nice photo.”

That was apparently more than O’Brien could muster in the rabid need to attack Trump for anything, even a photo wishing the nation a Merry Christmas.

Reaction on Twitter continued to call out O’Brien for her petty and “shallow” comment.

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