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Haters gonna hate: Sexy Melania Trump is the FLOTUS the media love to trash

First Lady Melania Trump
First Lady Melania Trump (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

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Melania Trump is the most gorgeous and glamorous first lady in US history. She’s also the only FLOTUS to speak five languages.

Despite her bombshell beauty and style, Melania has never been on the cover of a major American fashion magazine since her husband, President Donald Trump, took office.

Contrast that to the fawning treatment the media gave former first lady Michelle Obama, who was idolized both during her husband’s presidency and after he left.

michelle obama vogue magazine covers
Michelle Obama was celebrated as a fashion icon when she was first lady.

Even dowdy Hillary Clinton got a (heavily Photoshopped) Vogue cover.

Hillary Clinton vogue cover fashion style

Meanwhile, Melania is relentlessly criticized and mocked by the snarky liberal media, which claw at her because they hate her husband.

The situation has gotten so out of hand that even the mild-mannered Canadians have noticed the brutal treatment Melania receives as the first lady.

“If you think your holiday obligations are endless, consider, for a moment, Melania Trump,” observed a CBC columnist, who noted that Mrs. Trump’s job comes with “no paycheque and a chorus of criticism.”

The CBC noted how Melania is dissed around the clock while most political spouses in other countries fly under the radar. “It’s ridiculous to expect the spouse of a president to be a domestic superstar,” according to the CBC.

Despite being relentlessly attacked by anti-Trumpers, Mrs. Trump calmly shrugs off her haters.

This is probably because Melania knows that the best revenge is looking good and being happy. Nothing enrages haters more than the realization that their vitriol doesn’t affect their targets.


“I love Washington,” Melania gushed. “We love to live in the White House. We are very honored to serve our great nation.”

The First Lady said she stays happy despite the constant negative press coverage because she focuses on what’s important: Being a great mom and wife who leads a meaningful life.

“I want to live a meaningful life, and that’s the most important thing to me,” Mrs. Trump said. “I know what my priorities are and I’m focused on that.”

Meanwhile, Trump supporters (and people with eyeballs) appreciate Melania’s elegance and beauty.


Trump-haters mock Melania’s dress, which was created by students to celebrate unity

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