Howard Dean says we need to stay in Afghanistan because ‘women.’ Confused? You are not alone.


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Failed 2004 Democrat presidential candidate Howard Dean believes it’s vital that American troops remain in the Middle Eastern nation of Afghanistan. But unlike retiring Defense Secretary James Mattis, his reasons have nothing to do with America’s “strength as a nation.”

Dean prefers that the military remain in Afghanistan for the sake of the nation’s women.

“By withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan you are condemning millions of women to the Stone Age. No education, no choice about who they marry. They will become property when the Taliban takes over,” he wrote in a reply last week to a tweet from Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna of California.

Following President Donald Trump’s announcement last Wednesday that he intends to begin withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria, Khanna tweeted his support for the move.

“The withdrawal of troops from Syria is a good first step toward ending our foreign policy of interventionism,” he wrote, before adding that Trump should also withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

Look at his tweet and Dean’s reply below:

Social media found Dean’s rhetoric hilarious for a number of reasons, including his child-like fickleness.


A cursory review of the failed presidential candidate turned frequently mocked commentator’s history shows that he first supported the Clinton administration’s efforts in Bosnio and Kosovo, then opposed the Bush administration’s efforts in Iraq and then supported Obama’s troop surge in Afghanistan.

Then all of a sudden in 2011, he turned into a dove, telling then-President Barack Hussein Obama that it was time to remove U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

“I actually supported the president when he sent extra troops to Afghanistan. But I’ve come to believe that’s not a winnable war,” he said to The Daily Beast at the time.

And now seven years later, he’s changed his position again, as noted even by Khana:

Dean tried to rebut Khana’s point by writing, “So what do you do about the Afghan women. Not our problem?”

Social media noted that this concern for women seems myopic. Why isn’t he worried about women in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations? They too suffer from abuse and oppression.


Dean doesn’t appear to have any legitimate answers to any of these concerns. It’s perhaps because of this fickleness, apparent hypocrisy and inability to articulate himself that he performed so poorly in the 2004 election and was forced to drop out months before the primary.

That and the fact that he’s very, very, very easy to mock:


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