Coulter and D’Souza get specific with strategy for Trump. Here’s exact plan to beat Dems on wall.

With the federal government partially shuttered now that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and his Democratic caucus put politics before a secure border, it’s clear that President Trump is getting little if any help from Republican leaders on Capitol Hill.

And while the GOP always seems to lack the stomach when it comes to a good fight, leaving Trump standing alone as he tries to reform Washington, conservative figures have offered sound advice via the president’s favorite platform, social media.


The bombastic Ann Coulter put forth a stellar idea, that being to hold an Oval Office address to the nation detailing why a border wall is needed, beginning with an explanation of how much illegal immigration is costing the nation.

“TRUMP COULD WIN THIS FIGHT… by holding an oval office address, saying this fight could be over if Dems would fund the wall,” she tweeted. “Talk about cost of illegals, all the idiotic things govt spends $10 bill on, etc. LET STEPHEN MILLER WRITE THE SPEECH. (He won’t. He’ll fold).”

And while Coulter was not confident that Trump would hold his ground — he has so far — the cost she speaks of is FAR more than the $5 billion the president is asking for.

Trump put that cost at $200 billion in a tweet last week, prompting the liberal media to make a mad dash to dispute the claim and while it’s difficult to nail down an exact figure, there can be no dispute illegal immigration is costing the U.S. tens of billions of dollars a year at a minimum.

The Heritage Foundation put the cost at about $54 billion a year after considering tax contributions.

Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, no shrinking violet, was more detailed in offering a 3 point plan.

“My advice to @realDonaldTrump : 1. Start building the wall using defense funds 2. Assemble a brain trust on immigration and trade 3. Deliver a major address to the nation on how your trade and immigration policies protect both our security and prosperity,” Dinesh tweeted.

As frustrated as Coulter appeared to be, social media user Dan Freeman reassured her that Trump pays attention to her tweets — though he doesn’t say how he knows this.

There was at least one Republican in DC who agreed that Trump could win the fight, this being Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.


Lindsey said late last week that Trump was right in requesting the money for a wall, predicted that when all is said and done, he will get the funding.

The anti-Trump crowd will minimize the advice by focusing on the personalities, or ridicule the president if he takes the advice —  CNN’s Chris Cillizza suggested Trump was prompted to change his mind on not signing a stopgap spending measure that did not fund the wall because of “Fox & Friends.”

Nonetheless, it’s better counseling that what the left is offering.

And while the president is panned for sometimes rejecting the advice of aides in his quest to fulfill campaign promises — a foreign concept in Washington — isn’t that the definition of leadership, asks Kurt Schlichter.

Here’s a sampling of reactions from Twitter:

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