Deported 10 times! Dangerous gang member arrested again in Arizona. Sen. Flake still oblivious.

A dangerous illegal immigrant and gang member who has been deported “more than 10 times for immigration violations” was arrested again in Arizona.

The 51-year-old member of the dangerous Los Angeles 18th Street gang was arrested by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency in Tucson on Tuesday as agents were patrolling the border near Nogales, according to a press release.

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Hector Gustavo Montoya, who hails from Honduras, is no stranger to American border authorities, having been deported more than 10 times dating back to 1993. He was arrested multiple times for crimes committed in California as well, with the most recent offense in 2016 when “he was convicted for drug smuggling offenses. He served a 24-month prison sentence for that conviction and was removed from the country after confinement,” Arizona CBP reported.

He faces his eleventh deportation as a battle has unfolded between Congress and President Donald Trump who is demanding funding for a wall along the southern U.S. border in order to prevent illegal entry into the country, especially of violent criminals.

CBP arrested another member of the violent 18th Street gang in July after he illegally entered into the country posing as a migrant seeking refuge with his child. Agents also caught another member of the gang – a Salvadoran national -crossing the border in that same week.

Also known as Barrio 18, the violent gang consisting of thousands of members across 20 U.S. states is considered arch-rivals to MS-13. Originally composed of Mexican immigrants, the group’s 1960’s Los Angeles roots soon made way for other members from Central America.

Members of the group have been suspected of criminal activities which include street-level drug distribution, murders, assaults, arson, kidnapping, prostitution, robbery, extortion, human trafficking, illegal immigration and weapons trafficking.

In the meantime, Senator Flake, Arizona’s outgoing wannabe-Democrat lawmaker, continues to be oblivious and “insufferable” over the immigration standoff.

Frieda Powers


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