Gutfeld defends Fox News’ influence on Trump: It’s because we have our ‘finger on the pulse of America’

While the left accuses President Donald Trump of making policy decisions based on his television viewing habits, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld countered the argument in his defense.

The co-host of “The Five” defended the president from critics claiming Fox News and other conservative outlets influence his decisions, during a segment on Friday.

Gutfeld responded to criticism from co-host Juan Williams who said Trump was taking policy-making cues on the imminent government shutdown from talk radio, noting his reversal earlier this week after Fox News, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh condemned a Senate-passed interim spending bill that did not include funding for the border wall – a stipulation Trump had demanded to be met or he would not sign the legislation.

“It seems like Donald Trump hears something on Fox News or hears something on talk radio, and that influences his opinion,” Gutfeld commented.

“You can argue in a way, what he does — and I believe this as somebody who sits here and tries to think about the audience — that what he’s getting a signal from, is what do Americans want,” he went on.

“And he gets that from talk radio. He gets it from Fox News,” Gutfeld explained.

“We represent millions of people. So it’s not like ‘Oh I heard Ann Coulter say this, or I heard Jesse say this, or I heard Tucker said this.’ It’s more like: They have their finger on the pulse of America,” he argued.

“But in America, the polls are clear, Americans don’t want this wall!” Williams exclaimed.

“Not true Juan,” co-host Jesse Watters shot back.

In fact, most Americans are looking for the government to compromise in order to avoid gridlock and shutdowns, as argued by Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt on Friday.

The fight over the funding of the border wall, with Trump demanding $5 billion while Democrats are offering substantially less, if at all, is “insulting to the intelligence of any voter,” Stirewalt said. The sentiments were echoed by former pollster and 2008 campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, Mark Penn.

“More than 70 percent of registered voters say they want members of Congress to compromise and get things done, rather than stick to their principles and create even more gridlock,” Penn wrote in an op-ed Saturday. “Watching President Donald Trump demand a wall, and Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer say Trump will never, ever get it, is exactly what the voters don’t want. We elected them to figure it out.”

Frieda Powers


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