Sarah Sanders RIPS ‘obstructionists’: Sad day when Mexico is doing more to protect America than Senate Dems

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was at her best Friday morning in responding to Senate Democrats refusing to fulfill their “constitutional duty to protect the people of this country.”

Citing a deal stuck with the Mexican government, where asylum-seekers crossing the southern border will be returned to Mexico and required to wait there while their cases are decided, Sanders called out Democrats refusing to vote for border security funding.


“I think it’s a sad day in America when the Mexican government is doing more to protect our border and stop the illegal flow of drugs, human trafficking and terrorists across our border than Senate Democrats are willing to do,” the president’s spokesperson told reporters outside the White House.

Sanders did not diffuse the suggestion that a potential government shutdown could go on for months if Democrats don’t do their job.


“The American people elected them to come up here and actually do something,” she said, “not just to be obstructionists and go against the president.”

Sanders continues to stress that Trump is serious about border security and she announced via Twitter Thursday night that the administration has ended the failed “catch and release program.”

…while again calling out Democrats for their obstruction.

“Illegal immigrants apprehended in the U.S. must now return to Mexico,” she said in the tweet. “Thank you to the government of Mexico, who is now doing more to solve our illegal immigration problem than the Democrats.”

One social media user asked of Democrats: “Do they hate more than they love this country?”

But the reaction online seemed to center around who Democrats hate more, Trump OR their country as they doggedly stand with illegal immigrants over American citizens.


Here’s a sampling of the reactions from Twitter:

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