Karma: Disney called on to release trademark for ‘Hakuna Matata’ over cultural appropriation

It’s getting harder and harder to appease the hypocritical left, who celebrate a man competing as a woman in a beauty pageant but cry about cultural appropriation over the use of the Swahili language.

Disney is finding itself the target of a petition calling on the company to release its trademark on the Swahili phrase “Hakuna Matata,” with pearl-clutching liberals claiming it’s cultural appropriation.

Ironically, the phrase reportedly translates to “no problem” or “no worries.”


The petition has over 56,000 names in its quest to stop “any corporations/individuals looking to trademark languages, terms or phrases they didn’t invent,” as the wording states.

“Hakuna Matata” was featured in Disney’s 1994 film “The Lion King,” with the family entertainment gaint applying for a trademark that same year and being approved in 2003.

And, in light of an upcoming live-action remake of the children’s musical, an activist from Zimbabwe, Shelton Mpala, is saying a culture’s language shouldn’t be patented.

Here’s a trailer of the remake from Disney:

But the left’s concern over cultural appropriation has its limits.

Conservative Matt Walsh drew attention to the hypocrisy in commenting on the Miss Universe pageant, were a man represented Spain — “Miss” Spain being the first transgender to compete in the pageant.


“He didn’t finish in the top three, but he still managed to steal much of the spotlight from the authentic women on the stage,” Walsh wrote. “Not to mention, there is a real beauty queen somewhere in Spain who was excluded entirely because a man took her spot. If you’re looking for appropriation to rail against, look no further.”

Tom Tillison


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