Disneyland almost kills Santa! Crowd gasps in horror as he dangles dangerously after sleigh accident

Boy, somebody’s got some ‘splaining to do!

Any children watching Disneyland’s “A Christmas Fantasy Parade” on Saturday may be excused if they were traumatized, as the float that featured Santa Clause perched atop his sleigh broke, launching the jolly fat man out of his seat.


In major props to Ol’ Saint Nick, he remained in character AND good spirits, belting out “ho, ho hos” as he dangled from a safety harness.

“They almost killed Santa at Disneyland,” a social media user tweeted, along with a video of the incident — Santa can be seen at the end being assisted out of the sleigh.


The incident took place in California, with Santa’s sleigh seen tipping hard to the front — thankfully a safety harness was in use or it’s hard to say where he may have landed.

And that’s no exaggeration, as the violent force of the sleigh collapsing can be seen below, as the crowd screams in horror:

Once removed from the sleigh, Santa reportedly walked the rest of the parade route, no worse for the wear.


Although, as a social media user suggested, he may want to lay off the eggnog.

“Santa must’ve fallen off his sleigh somewhere… the sleigh broke. No more eggnog for him!!” the individual tweeted, along with a few photos.

Here’s a sampling of other reactions to the incident from Twitter:


Tom Tillison


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