Punk teen gets lessons on life after expletive-laden stunt to quit Walmart job over live intercom system

Walmart has long been the target of organized labor.

Left-wing unions know that when it comes to wages and benefits, as giants like Walmart and McDonald’s go, so goes the industry.

All of which explains why the liberals, to include many in the media, celebrated a misguided teenager’s expletive-laden effort to embarrass Walmart.

In fact, The Wrap’s John Levine called the man identified as Jackson Racicot, “heroic.”

And what did the hero do?

Racicit commandeered the intercom system at a Walmart and launched into a rant, concluding with a series of F-bombs.

“Attention all shoppers, associates and management. I would like to say, to all of you today, that nobody should work here. Ever,” he begins.

After voicing his beef with managers, Racicot closes with this classy send-off: “F*ck management, f*ck this job, f*ck Walmart!”

Levine shared a video of the immature stunt on Twitter, adding: “Heroic Walmart employee Jackson Racicot dramatically quit his job over his store’s live intercom system. Cheers can be heard as he slams down the phone.”

And, yes, people can be heard in the background cheering the dunce — one can only imagine what a joy he must have been as an employee.

The cheering likely more in support of the proverbial little guy up against a behemoth like Walmart, or a reflection of misplaced anger at the retail giant’s success, than actual support for an individual they know nothing about, or the circumstances of his employment.

According to The Hamilton Spectator, Racicot, 17, lives in Alberta, Canada.

But before you lose all faith in humanity, the reactions online include plenty of condemnation for the act, with social media users only too happy to share a few life lessons with the “zero.”

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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