Folks re-brand Santa Claus into gender-neutral geek with skinny jeans and tattoos

Santa Claus should be rebranded as gender-neutral, according to almost 19% of Americans who responded to a comical online survey.

Moreover, 7% of Americans surveyed by GraphicSprings said the “Modern Santa” should have tattoos and a hip, new hairstyle.

rebranded santa claus with skinny jeans tattoos
A survey claims this is the Modern Santa that people want. (GraphicSprings)

Suggestions on how Santa should be changed were compiled using a Google survey of 400 people across the US and UK.

A selection of those suggestions were then voted on by 4,000 people across the UK and USA, with the most popular visualized in the GraphicSprings image above.

modern santa survey results

Most people preferred the traditional Saint Nick, suggesting that the liberal brainwashing of the public hasn’t taken root — yet.

rebranded modern santa survey

But there are plenty of other indications that PC culture has started destroying longtime traditions. The 1944 hit song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” has been banned from numerous radio stations amid complaints that it promotes date rape.

Last week, a hilarious, rebrand of a hyper-PC “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” surfaced online. The parody, renamed “Baby, Just Go Outside, immediately went viral, and you can see why.

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