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KFC’s chicken-scented yule logs unleash 11 herbs and spices, sell out within hours

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One of the more memorable holiday items of 2018 will probably have to be the chicken-scented yule logs from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The chicken chain restaurant launched its own KFC-scented Enviro-Logs on Thursday, claiming that once burning, the logs will smell like the Colonel’s signature blend of 11 herbs and spices, Fox News reported.

And if there were any doubts about the appeal of chicken-scented fires, that was laid to rest by the response to KFC’s launch as the logs sold out within hours.

“At KFC, we have always been proud of our role in bringing loved ones together at the dinner table around a bucket of our world-famous fried chicken,” Andrea Zahumensky, chief marketing officer of KFC U.S., said in a press release before the debut of the logs.

“Now, this winter we’re bringing all the things we love – family, friends and fried chicken – together around the fire with our scented firelog,” which has been named the “11 Herbs & Spices Firelog.”

The very idea of a roaring fire that smells like a KFC dinner drew lots of reaction on Twitter.

Frieda Powers


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