Ouch! Jeff Flake makes two embarrassing errors on his way out. One was announcing his farewell on Twitter

Sen. Jeff Flake made his share of mistakes since taking office, chief among them being to underestimate the intelligence of the average Republican voter, so it’s only fitting that the lawmaker makes two embarrassing errors on his way out the door.

The first and perhaps most brutal error was for the moderate Trump-hating Arizona Republican to announce his farewell on Twitter.

“Full of gratitude today as I deliver my farewell address in the Senate Chamber at 11:00 EST,” Flake advertised.

The second mistake was to try to suck up to the liberals at “The Daily Show,” who tweeted a photo of one of their correspondents watching Flake’s farewell speech on the Senate floor while cozily wrapped in a blanket emblazoned with tweets from the outgoing senator.

“No better way to enjoy @JeffFlake’s farewell address than in the warm embrace of his meaningless tweets,” the show’s official account tweeted.

Flake thought it would be cute to respond: “Hey @TheDailyShow, how can I get one of those blankets?”

The Daily Show responded to the tweet with an even more pointed effort to ridicule Flake for a habit of being fierce in tweeting opposition to Trump while doing little to put action to words — at least, from their perspective.

“We take this request very seriously and will do everything in our power to talk about sending you one,” the show tweeted — the operative word being “talk.”

So, in the course of two tweets, Flake was successful in giving both the left and right an opportunity to bid him adieu.

And, oh, did they ever.

Here’s a sampling of responses of responses from Twitter,



While conservatives brushed Flake off for failing to support Trump, the left swiped at him for not going far enough in opposing the president — but then, liberals have CNN setting a standard few can match.

Nonetheless, we can only hope Flake has more success in his next career choice than he did trying to play the role of a reasoned lawmaker.

Tom Tillison


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