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James Comey unwisely gets snarky with Trey Gowdy over ‘search for truth’ … bad move

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Rep. Trey Gowdy leveled a scathing rebuke at James Comey after the disgraced former FBI chief attempted to mock lawmakers following his testimony before Congress.

Comey fired off a smug remark in a tweet Thursday, reacting to Gowdy’s take on the closed-door testimony last week in which the fired FBI director replied “I don’t remember,” “I don’t know” or “I don’t recall” 245 times.

“I was disappointed in what he didn’t remember, but I was much more disappointed in what he never knew,” Gowdy, the outgoing House Oversight Committee chair, told Fox News host Martha MacCallum on Wednesday.

“Comey just thinks he’s always right, and it doesn’t matter if everyone else concludes he did wrong. He knows better. That’s what it’s like to interview an amnesiac with incredible hubris,” Gowdy said.

Comey, who immediately following his appearance before the House Judiciary and Oversight committees, whined about the process, tweeted out a snarky reaction to Gowdy’s comments.

But Comey only stirred the hornet’s nest with his tweet and got a solid dressing-down from the South Carolina Republican.

Twitter users applauded Gowdy’s takedown and slammed Comey for his laughable memory issues.

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