Dershowitz: Trump payouts were result of ‘textbook extortion.’ Ignorance of the left on this is astounding.

Porn stars Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal give gold diggers a bad name. Because not only do they extort money from their meal tickets, they renege on their promises of confidentiality in thirsty attempts to shake down their targets for more money.

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz — an internationally recognized Constitutional Law scholar — dismissed the media’s inane claims that it’s a campaign finance violation for Donald Trump to pay hush money to his former mistresses.

(Source: Tucker Carlson Tonight)

Dershowitz even suggested that Stormy Daniels should be prosecuted for her extortion schemes over the alleged one-night stand she had with Trump in 2006 — a decade before he became president.

“It is absolutely textbook extortion,” Dershowitz told Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “There ought to be a prosecution of any person — man or woman — who approaches any candidate or anybody else and says, ‘Unless you pay me money, I’m going to reveal a sex act that occurred.’ That is absolute classic extortion.”

Dershowitz — a lifelong liberal who wrote the bestseller “The Case Against Impeaching Trump” — continued:

“It is shocking that the Special Counsel — who has a broad mandate — isn’t looking into the extortion committed by the porn star [Stormy Daniels], whose lawyer obviously approached the candidate and threatened exposure.

Just listen to the tape. The tape [that Michael Cohen made] makes that clear. It is clear that they were paying off extortion in order to prevent these issues from coming out for multiple reasons: to protect his family, to protect his brand…and the campaign.

Let’s remember one more thing: The president can contribute to a candidate as much as he wants.”

stormy daniels Karen McDougal
Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal give gold diggers a bad name.

Dershowitz explained: “If [Michael] Bloomberg runs for president, he could announce tomorrow, ‘I’m not taking a nickel. I’m putting $1 billion of my own money into this campaign.’ That is perfectly legitimate.”

“As far as reporting is concerned, it is the campaign that has to report [these contributions].

So if [Trump’s] payments [to his one-night stands] had to be reported, they had to be reported after the election. The reporting time was after the election — so it could not have impacted the election.

So the absurd notion that he won the presidency by fraud and should be stripped of the presidency reflects incredible ignorance about the timing here and how these statutes operate.”

Flashback: This is what Stormy Daniels’ extortion schemes got her: She was ordered to pay almost $300,000 of Trump’s legal fees.

Daniels was allegedly paid $130,000 for her 2006 one-night stand with Donald Trump.  That’s exponentially higher than the daily rate for female porn stars, who usually get paid $300 to $1,500 per scene.

Most female porn stars make $100,000 to $200,000 a year, so sex worker Stormy Daniels raked in a year’s salary for her one-night stand with Trump back in 2006, long before he was in politics.

Alan Dershowitz said the leftist media must stop with their double standards in their disparate treatment of President Trump versus Democrats.

“We need a single standard,” Dershowitz said. “If you would not go after Bill Clinton, don’t go after Donald Trump. If you are going after Donald Trump, then you have to go after Hillary Clinton…This is such a danger to the constitutional system that I would hope that true civil libertarians would rebel against it, as I am.”

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