Couple’s wedding itinerary gets national attention for embarrassing oopsie at 3:30. It’s pretty funny.

A recently married couple accidentally managed to make their wedding an unforgettable event courtesy a simple but hilarious mistake they made while preparing the wedding’s itinerary.

Featured on the itinerary was a schedule of the wedding’s events, starting with the ceremony at 3:00 pm. But instead of inviting their attendees to enjoy some “hors d’oeuvres” (or appetizers) afterward at 3:30 pm, the couple mistakenly invited them to enjoy some “horse ovaries.”

Yes, horse ovaries …



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“At a friend’s wedding. I can’t wait for 3:30!”

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While it’s unclear when exactly the wedding occurred and who exactly it involved, the hilarious itinerary quickly went viral on Instagram last week via the page “Awkward Family Photos.”

The response has been one of endless jokes.

“Not surprised that they banned cell phones. Horse ovaries are best when not eaten in public,” one observer commented on Instagram.

“I’m picturing a staff member at the end of the receiving line with their tray of hors d’oeuvres that everyone is too afraid to take,” another added.

See more jokes below:

Hilarious wedding mistakes — or wedding “fails,” as they’re commonly known — have become a popular topic on social media because of the laughs and good times they invariably provoke.

Of course, not every wedding “fail” is a laughing matter.

Take for instance this fail in which the best man tripped and accidentally caused both the bride and the marriage officiant to tumble backwards into what appeared to be a pool:

OK, maybe it’s a little funny after all!

For an even bigger laugh, watch how the bride and groom reacted after the pants of what appeared to be the best man came loose and collapsed from his waist.


Both the bride and groom simply couldn’t stop laughing. Now that’s DEFINITELY funny!

Engagement announcements can be and often are just as funny, albeit for different reasons.

Here are a few examples:

The name combinations are double entendres. During Jay Leno’s stint as the host of “The Tonight Show” between 1992 and 2014, he frequently highlighted the week’s funniest combos.

Here’s one example:

For more hilarious wedding humor and fails, check out the tweets below:

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