Fans turn on country stars pushing gun bans, but conservative John Rich issues respectful challenge to his peers

Proud conservative country music singer John Rich posed a challenge this week to those of his peers in the industry who believe gun bans are the only solution to gun violence: He asked them to think outside of the box and come up with a real solution that’d satisfy everybody.

In a video for Fox News, he explained that the problem with simply banning certain guns is that it’d leave families — including his own — less prepared to protect themselves from actual criminals.

Watch the video in full below:

“[Imagine] I’m in New York City, and back in Nashville is my wife and my two little kids, and if somebody breaks into my house, which rifle would you suggest I tell my wife to grab?” he said.

“Which one should she grab? The one that gives her the best chance at protecting her and my kids or the one that doesn’t? Those are the types of questions I would like to ask them.”

A number of left-wing gun control proponents have suggested that so-called “assault rifles” like the AR-15 be banned because they’re allegedly the preferred weapon of mass shooters (that’s false).

Included among those who’ve bought into the left’s dubious gun control arguments are country music singers Dierks Bentley and Tyler Hubbard. Both have reportedly joined a gun control campaign being sponsored by TOMS’ apparel company.

“TOMS is giving $5 million to organizations across the country committed to ending gun violence. You can take action now by telling your representative to pass universal background checks, something more than 90% of Americans agree on,” the campaign’s Web page reads.

Late last month Bentley posted a message to his 1.7 million Instagram followers encouraging them to visit the page and contribute to the campaign in some way or another.

In a video posted to Instagram two days later, Hubbard joined the chorus.

“I just saw a statistic that said there were 307 mass shootings in the last 311 days in our country, which is terrifying and devastating,” he said. “I think we can all come together and all agree that something has to change. It’s unacceptable. We shouldn’t have to walk out of the house and live in fear anymore.”

In additional videos, he reportedly called for banning private gun sales at gun shows and implementing universal background checks on all gun purchases.

Watch one video below:

According to Rich, the problem with these sorts of allegedly “common-sense” solutions is that they all lead in one direction: toward the confiscation of all weapons in the United States.

“Once you start moving in that direction, someday you could actually see that happen, where somebody literally knocks on your door in the future and says, ‘Mr. Rich, we’re here to purchase all your weapons.’ I go, ‘My weapons are not for sale.’ ‘We’re going to purchase them anyway,'” he explained.

“This is where this can lead to,” he continued, adding that while he’s friends with and respects Bentley and Hubbard, if they want to stop gun violence they need to “give us some kind of solution.”

A real solution, that is.

Social media users appear to agree, though they haven’t been as polite in expressing as much.


“Only the bad guys break the laws,” Rich said in an additional statement to Fox News. “When I go buy a firearm, I register and do everything [by the book]. I have my firearm and my concealed weapons permit to defend myself.”

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