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Obama defied fed law, steered $310 million taxpayer dollars so illegals could get ‘free’ legal advice, report says

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It’s fair to ask, absent the slobbering lover affair the media has had with the former president, if Barack Obama could stand up to the 18-month-long scrutiny President Donald Trump has endured under special counsel Robert Mueller.

One thing is certain, Obama wasn’t above circumventing the law in the furtherance of his progressive agenda, as seen when his administration approved $310 million in free legal advice to young illegal immigrants despite federal law barring charging taxpayers for helping immigrants avoid deportation, The Washington Examiner reported.

According to a report from the Immigration Reform Law Institute, the millions went to Vera Institute of Justice, a legal defense group that helped unaccompanied illegal immigrant “children” under the age of 18 with finding sponsors in the U.S.

And, yes, there is a connection to “Spooky Dude” George Soros — a top director at the group has ties to the billionaire Democratic philanthropist.

Turns out, this tweet two days ago from left-wing actress/activist Alyssa Milano did not age well at all.

Obama was sympathetic to the illegal immigrants steadily flowing to our southern border and used an executive order in June 2012 to establish the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA.

The program granted amnesty of sorts for many unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors — which sometimes include MS-13 gang members.

Dale L. Wilcox, executive director and general counsel of IRLI, said in a statement that taxpayers may not be happy with how this money was spent.

“When the federal government pays for illegal alien minors to receive direct legal representation, it does more than flout the law,” Wilcox said.

“These unauthorized payments have undoubtedly speeded-up UACs’ release from detention facilities to join their families, relatives, or fellow gang members — or help them reconnect with and pay ‘pandillas,’ the criminal cartels that make enormous profits from controlling human trafficking over the southern border,” he continued. “My guess is that average voters would not be pleased to know that such vast amounts of their tax dollars are being spent in aid of this giant criminal enterprise.”

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