‘You’re petty and small’: Cuomo condemns Lemon on-air for saying how he’d treat Trump at Bush funeral

Don Lemon’s smug remarks about how he would have handled President Trump at former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral earned him a rebuke from his own CNN colleague.

As the anchors prepared to change off from Cuomo’s show to Lemon’s which followed on Wednesday, Lemon said he needed to say something while they replayed a clip from the funeral service earlier.


“I’m going to say that I don’t think I would shake hands with him,” the CNN anchor said, referring to the greeting between Trump and  former President Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama.

“Nope, couldn’t do it. I’m not that big a person. I would hope that I would be, but I don’t — I can’t fake the funk as they say. I’m not saying the Obamas did that, but there they go, right there,” Lemon said.

“I don’t think it’s about faking the funk. I think it’s about showing respect for something bigger than them,” Cuomo interjected.

“Why would they do it when he doesn’t? But I understand what you’re saying,” Lemon countered. “What are you talking about, Chris? They showed respect for the office the way they conducted themselves in office.”

“No scandal. There was no trash. There was no affair,” Lemon argued. “They showed the ultimate respect for the office. They do not have to show respect for someone who does not respect them, someone who tweets out pictures of them behind bars. You don’t have to show respect for that kind of person.”

“Let me show you what I would have done,” he said, demonstrating his immaturity by having a CNN staffer approach him and attempt to shake his hand. Lemon rudely refused and turned away.

“You’re petty and small,” Cuomo concluded.

“I’m not petty and small,” Lemon fired back. “That’s real, brother. That’s real.”

“Real petty and small,” his colleague repeated.

“Nope, it’s not. This is not about ideology. This is about the way someone conducts themselves. If you constantly called me names and you were rude to me and you — why should I have to show you respect at all?” Laemon demanded.

Cuomo pointed to how the Obamas “showed that love and their decency and respect wins,” noting that despite Trump’s negative comments about them, they rose above it in respect for the office of president.

But there was no convincing the immovable Lemon who continued his verbal diarrhea on the air.

“That’s why he’s president and I’m not. Just call me ‘Petty McPetty’ because I would not have — and I wouldn’t care what the world said if they asked me about it,” he declared.

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