Boy Scout salute to George H.W. Bush is resonating with America along with Bob Dole and dog Sully

A Virginia Boy Scout troop paid their respects to the late president George H.W. Bush at the Capitol Rotunda to honor the nation’s 41st president.

Among the troop was a young Boy Scout, who was caught on video solemnly saluting Bush, who died last week at the age of 94.


The entire Boy Scout troop stood in silence as the clock approached 2 a.m.

Perhaps the most touching tribute to George H.W. Bush came from his longtime friend Bob Dole, the retired 95-year-old Republican senator.

The wheelchair-bound Dole stood up with the help of an aide to salute his dearly departed friend at the Capitol Rotunda.

Since his passing, tributes have poured in for HW Bush, including from former Democrat president Bill Clinton, who gushed about their longtime friendship despite their vast political differences.

As BizPac Review reported, HW’s loyal canine companion Sully also said his final goodbyes to the friend he comforted during the last five months of his life.

George H.W. Bush’s burial will take place on December 6 at the Bush Library Center in Dallas, Texas. HW will be buried in a family plot next to Barbara, his wife of 73 years.

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