Ocasio-Cortez trash-talks Mike Huckabee’s daughter to him before hitting him directly. Dirty.

After a monumental gaffe Sunday on Pentagon spending, Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, was in dire need of diversion and she found just that in former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee ridiculed Ocasio-Cortez for comparing herself being elected to the moon landing — yes, she did just that.

“Moon landing was LUNAR, not LOONEY; Moon landing done by ppl who knew what they were doing…those who elected someone who thought there were 3 branches of Congress did NOT,” Huckabee tweeted, linking to a Daily Mail article.

Ocasio-Cortez, a democratic socialist and climate alarmist, made the comparison while speaking at a press conference hosted by the global warming advocacy group Sunshine Movement.

“We’ve done what we thought was impossible,” she said. “We went to the moon. We electrified the nation. We established civil rights. We enfranchised the country. We dig deep, and we did it. We did it when no one else thought that we could. That’s what we did when so many of us won an election this year.”

Prior to engaging with Huckabee, Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Sunday about $21 trillion worth of Pentagon transactions that “could not be traced, documented, or explained.” The only problem being this ridiculous figure is 5 times more than the entire federal budget in a given year.

(Being a socialist, she was complaining that this money could have been used to help pay for Medicare for all.)

As the ridicule mounted over the flub, along came Huckabee and his tweet.

Moving the goal post, Ocasio-Cortez responded by saying she was referring to a new government stimulus deal to address climate change — speaking of “lunacy.”

Oh, and being a progressive, she insulted his daughter, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

“A Green New Deal will take a level of ambition + innovation on the scale of the moon landing” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “We’ve been done it before, and can do it again. Leave the false statements to Sarah Huckabee. She’s much better at it. Also, you haven’t been a Governor of any state for 10+ years now.”

Having blown her sentence structure, the progressive zealot countered with a follow up tweet to correct herself… and then dropped another tweet to whine about being targeted while boasting how her tormentors then “get lit up.”

It’s not like the head of the Democratic National Committee held Ocasio-Cortez up as the “future of the party” or something… oh, wait.

With Huckabee being universally despised by the left, both for being a Christian and a Trump supporter, they naturally sided with the radical Democrat.

The liberal media held her up as “a hero for the fighting left,” while conveniently ignoring a growing body of ignorant remarks from the Democratic congresswoman.

One thing we can be relatively sure of with Sunday’s error-filled tweets is that they are indeed from Ocasio-Cortez and not a handler, as was suggested by conservative actor James Woods last week in response to a somewhat cleaner tweet.

“Do you even read these tweets written by your handlers? I miss the fun of your spontaneous ‘deep thoughts’ on life…” Woods said in a gem of a tweet.

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