Al Sharpton sells rights to his life story for over half a million dollars … to his own charity!

For tax-evading, race-baiting MSNBC host Al Sharpton, charity begins at home. Sharpton’s charity, the National Action Network (NAN), agreed to pay the activist reverend $531,000 for his “life story rights for a 10-year period,” the New York Post reported.

NAN can now sell those rights at some point to Hollywood at a hefty profit. Sharpton claims he has contracts for two movies, with a third contract in the works, but would not provide any details.


Sharpton said two NAN board members came up with the idea as a way to create a revenue stream for when he steps down in a year. “This way they make a profit from the beginning, and all of the revenues,” said Sharpton, who’s the president of NAN.

The revelations were uncovered in the National Action Network’s latest tax filing. It’s unclear when Sharpton will receive the $531,000 for the rights to his life story.

Nonprofit experts expressed concern about the transaction because NAN —  a non-profit civil rights organization — is doing business with its own president.

Attorney Marcus Owens, a former IRS official, said NAN could lose its tax-exempt status if it breaches IRS rules regarding excessive compensation to nonprofit officials.

al sharpton racist quotes
Reverend Al Sharpton has built a career on race-baiting.

Linda Sugin, a law professor and associate dean at Fordham University Law School, said the deal sounds suspicious.

“When I see this kind of thing, it just makes me roll my eyes because there’s so much potential for funny business,” Sugin told the New York Post.

According to its tax filings, National Action Network took in $6.3 million in revenue in 2017, up from $5.8 million the year before. Meanwhile, Al Sharpton has owed back taxes to the IRS for years.

Sharpton paid off a $1.3 million tax lien to the IRS in February 2018, but still has $2.5 million in outstanding federal liens against him and one of his companies.

Hopefully, Sharpton’s life story won’t whitewash his involvement in the sleazy Tawana Brawley scandal since it spotlights Sharpton’s long history of race-baiting.

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Al Sharpton championed Tawana Brawley’s fake rape hoax.

Tawana Brawley gained notoriety in 1987 for falsely accusing four white men of gang-raping her. She was found in a trash bag with racial slurs scrawled on her body.

Brawley’s shocking accusations angered many in the black community and ignited a race war led by race-baiting clown Al Sharpton.

A grand jury concluded there was no evidence to support Brawley’s accusations. The falsely-accused white men later successfully sued Brawley and her lawyers for defamation.

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