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Gov Rick Scott suspends Broward supervisor of elections Brenda Snipes after she already resigned

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Florida governor Rick Scott suspended Brenda Snipes — the disgraced elections supervisor of Broward County — just weeks before her resignation was to take effect in January. Scott cited Snipes’ “multiple violations of Florida law, incompetence and neglect of duty” for her immediate suspension.

“After a series of inexcusable actions, it’s clear that there needs to be an immediate change in Broward County,” Scott announced in a statement. “Taxpayers should no longer be burdened by paying a salary for a supervisor of elections who has already announced resignation.”


As BizPac Review reported, Snipes submitted her resignation on November 18 — just hours after Democrat Bill Nelson conceded the Senate race to Rick Scott, who will replace him.

Florida’s midterm elections were almost derailed by Snipes’ epic incompetence, which resulted in missed deadlines and a suspicious cache of “80,000 new votes” surfacing at the last minute favoring Democrats.

Shockingly, despite a history of ineptitude, Brenda Snipes will receive her cushy $130,000-a-year pension, courtesy of Florida taxpayers.

Snipes will collect $58,560 a year from her past career as a teacher, and Florida will pay an additional $71,000 a year for her disastrous stint as the Broward County elections supervisor.

Snipes, a Democrat, was appointed to her post in 2003 by then-governor Jeb Bush. Her tenure as elections supervisor was marred by a series of shocking blunders and criminal incompetence: In 2004, her office “lost” 58,000 absentee ballots during the presidential election.

In May 2018, a judge ruled that Snipes had violated state and federal laws by illegally destroying ballots for the 2016 Congressional race between her leftist ally, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Tim Canova, a liberal who ran as an Independent.

“Snipes illegally destroyed the ballots cast in my 2016 primary against Debbie Wasserman Schultz,” Canova said. “Snipes is a serial election rigger.”

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