Parkland dad furious, learns Broward captain who ‘froze’ outside school massacre was hired for ‘diversity’

Andrew Pollack, the grieving father who lost his daughter Meadow during the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida, has been extremely vocal about the lack of leadership at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

Pollack continued the trend Wednesday when he took to Twitter to suggest that the captain who gave the order to stage outside instead of charging in the school to stop the gunman was a diversity hire.

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“Captain Jan Jordan froze during the Parkland shooting,” Pollack tweeted. “Officers said she was in over her head. Now Sheriff Israel admits Captain Jordan was recommended based on “diversity” NOT qualifications. Her lack of leadership led to kids dying, all because they wanted diversity!”

The video features Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel — who stunningly remains in office — citing diversity while explaining how Broward County Sheriff’s Captain Jan Jordan , who resigned last week citing “personal reasons,” came to be promoted.

Jordan was said to be the commanding officer on the scene of the shooting, arriving within seven minutes of the first shot.

Instead of instructing officers to rush into the building to find the shooter, Jordan was focused on setting up a perimeter and directed emergency responders to “stage” outside, the Miami Herald reported.

Other law enforcement commanders on the scene said Jordan spoke as if she were in a “dream-like” state and was not focused on finding the shooter, according to the paper.

“Listen, Jan Jordan was overwhelmed. She was overwhelmed,” Coconut Creek Police Department Deputy Chief Gregory Lees told state investigators. ”I could see it. I tried to help her.”

The heartbreaking irony of the caption of a 2017 tweet states: “Parkland’s Captain Jan Jordan Ready to Weather Any Storm.”

Pollack filed a wrongful death lawsuit against now-retired deputy Scot Peterson, the school resource officer who was on campus when the shooting began, only to refuse to enter the building where the gunman was.

The angry father shared online Thursday that Peterson filed a motion to prevent him from being in the room when he gave his deposition — Peterson was near retirement when the shooting took place and retired after being suspended by Sheriff Israel for failing to act (he now collects a handsome $8,703 monthly pension).

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“Dep Scot Peterson hid outside MSD as my princess was shot 9 times. He cowered while 17 were slaughtered. Today he filed a motion to prevent me from being in the room for his deposition.

“He let my daughter die and doesn’t have the balls to look me in the eyes,” Pollack tweeted.

Here’s a quick sampling of reactions from Twitter:

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