‘One heck of a correction’: WSJ revises doozy Trump/Putin ‘mistake’, but not everyone’s buying it

An article by the Wall Street Journal on President Donald Trump cancelling a meeting with Vladimir Putin got lots of attention, but not for its in-depth reporting.

In the report published Thursday, which detailed Trump pulling out of a planned meeting because of Russia’s recent seizure of three Ukrainian naval ships, the Wall Street Journal referred to the president of Russia as “Vladimir Trump.”

(Image: screenshot)

The publication issued a correction later, citing an “editing mistake.”

The Journal later seemed to have “corrected the correction,” according to MSNBC’s David Gura.

One comment on Twitter asked Trump-hating comedian Kathy Griffin if she was “somehow behind this,” and got a quick response.

The gaffe and subsequent rectification provided endless fun on social media as readers pondered the “Freudian slip.”

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