MSNBC guest says white people are ‘always going to vote with their whiteness.’ Forgets, Obama won … twice!

MSNBC guest Danielle Moodie-Mills said the Democrat Party must “stop pandering” to the white working class because they’re not the future of the country. Moreover, she says whites will always “vote with their whiteness,” so blacks should not support them.

“What Democrats need to stop doing is pandering to the white working class as if they’re the only ones that are part of the working class,” Moodie-Mills told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.


Moodie-Mills added: “Let us stop pretending that white women and white men are going to save us [black Americans]. They’re always going to vote with their whiteness.”

Oh really? Ever heard of Barack Obama? Millions of white Americans voted for him — twice.

Danielle Moodie-Mills, who hosts a podcast on SiriusXM, disagrees with the observation that Democrats should stop race-baiting and constantly invoking identity politics.

While critics say Democrats’ relentless playing of the Gender and Race Cards is what cost them the 2016 presidential election, Moodie-Mills disagrees.

“What lost the 2016 election was [Democrats] constantly pandering to a class that isn’t on your side, that isn’t the future of this country,” she said. “What black Americans have shown time and time again is that they are the backbone of the Democrat Party. And they receive none of the investments from it.”

Many on Twitter blasted Moodie-Mills’ racist remarks. “W-O-W!!! What a short sighted statement!”

“I don’t “vote with my whiteness.” Ever. Never have.”

“And Blacks vote with their what??”

As BizPac Review reported, liberals have declared open warfare on white women and men — who are now being blamed for anything they hate about President Trump, Republicans, and society in general.

This has resulted in a generation of white girls and boys plagued by “white guilt,” who think it’s cool to express disdain and hatred for white people. This is dangerous rhetoric that is poisoning our youth.

In October 2018, CNN pundit Don Lemon said the biggest terror threat in the United States is white men.

Three weeks later, a panel on Lemon’s CNN show shamelessly declared that white women who voted for President Trump are all “racist.”

Meanwhile, here’s what some prominent black conservatives are saying:

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