‘Balls’! Laura Loomer handcuffs herself to Twitter HQ to protest ban, becomes top story in media firestorm

One thing is certain, Laura Loomer has become more of a household name after she was banned by Twitter than she ever did beforehand.

While some where quick to say that Loomer took things too far with Thursday’s stunt, where she handcuffed herself to the doors of Twitter’s New York City office to protest being banned, Loomer and her cause became the number one trending topic on the social media platform.


And in the process, she became the latest face of a very real problem, that being a double standard at play for conservatives on major social media platforms, where the chance of being silenced is very high — just ask outspoken conservative actor James Woods.

That Loomer, who is Jewish, choose to wear a yellow Star of David, reminiscent of the Holocaust, drew criticism, but she wasn’t going to be ignored — she displayed a blown up image of the tweet that got her banned, alongside a tweet from Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan characterizing Jews as “termites,” which resulted in no consequences.

A close up of the tweet that she said got her banned can be seen below:

A very controversial figure known for going over the top, Loomer’s goal on Thursday, according to Daily Beast’s Will Sommer, was to get her Twitter account reinstated.

Loomer’s stunt included calling Twitter “anti-Semitic.”

In the end, Loomer was eventually cut free by police, and while there are reports that she was arrested it appears she went with police “voluntarily.”

Not that her campaign was not embraced by all conservatives, as seen below:

However, others embraced the bigger picture at play, that being an obvious bias by social media platforms against conservatives — even as the tech companies insist no such bias exists.

Conservative firebrand Michelle Malkin took advantage of the occasion to call out the unfair treatment.

One of the night’s greatest ironies is that well known black conservative teenager C.J. Pearson appeared to have his Twitter account locked out for a short time after defending Loomer.

As for the bigger issue at play, there was multiple responses condemning the very real bias at play.






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