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‘Get your tiny violins out’: Press whines incessantly when Trump leaves them behind after tree lighting ceremony

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Members of the White House press pool had a mini-meltdown when the president left them behind after the National Christmas Tree Lighting.

The protective press pool apparently had “no explanation” for why President Donald Trump returned to the White House without them following the holiday ceremony on Wednesday.

The reporters, who are assigned to remain with the president and document his activities, found the incident newsworthy and protested on Twitter.

“The White House abandoned the press pool at the Christmas tree lighting. Trump is allegedly back at the White House,” Zeke Miller of the Associated Press complained.

McClatchy’s Anita Kumar joined the chorus.

Steve Herman of Voice of America admitted “something went amiss.”

It seems perhaps the press pool was not ready to leave when Trump did and got left behind.

Herman insisted the reporters could not simply “walk back.”

And they continued to whine about the wait, and the inability to do what they are supposed to be doing.

Olivier Knox, the president of the White House Correspondents’ Association, looked into what happened and concluded it was simply due to a “logistical glitch.”

All the drama did prompt a bit of trolling as it seems the press pool had “an excruciating wait.”

No official White House explanation was given but the reporters continued their discussion on Twitter, noting that this is not the first time they have been left behind by the president.

Trump left behind the group of journalists when he was president-elect as well, back in November 2016 when he went out to dinner, and again in December 2016 in order to play golf.

The reporters eventually did make it back to the White House.

Frieda Powers


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