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Former Hillary aide Philippe Reines literally caught with his pants down at Fox News

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Hillary Clinton’s former top adviser, Philippe Reines, sashayed around the halls of Fox News’ Washington, D.C. bureau this week, before exploding at Harlan Hill — a disillusioned Democrat who’s now an adviser on President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

Reines and Hill debated about the need for a border wall and the recent layoffs at General Motors during a segment on Fox Business Network with anchor Trish Regan.


The debate was fairly humdrum, but what happened afterward raised eyebrows. After the segment, Hill tweeted that Reines angrily confronted him, “screaming like a maniac.”

“I thought he was going to cry,” Harlan tweeted. “He told me to ‘clean the pubic hair off my face.’ Whatever that means? Best part, he had no pants on.”

Harlan Hill later told the Daily Caller than Reines barked: “You’re just as much of a jackass on TV as you are online” and that Hill needs to “stop hiding behind [Trish Regan’s] skirt.”

Hill recounted: “We chirped back and forth and he said, ‘You’re not half the debater you think you are.’ To which I said, ‘That’s probably the lamest, most D.C. diss I’ve ever heard.”

Hill then shared some hilarious photos he took of Philippe Reines wandering around the Fox News building without pants before Reines angrily blocked him on Twitter.

Philippe Reines is a rabid Trump-hater who frequently slams President Trump and his aides.

As BizPac Review reported, Reines recently slammed the Trump administration and his entire family, calling them a “diseased clan” with “rotten souls” who need to “stfu.”

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