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WaPo’s tag on story about Brett Kavanaugh’s return to coaching girls basketball is disgusting

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Brett Kavanaugh’s return to coaching his daughter’s basketball team was a signal for liberals to take another swipe at the Supreme Court Justice.

And while The Washington Post was ready to take on the riveting news on Tuesday, it was the placement of the story by the publication that sparked an outcry over media bias.

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The Post gave life again to the smear against Kavanaugh during his confirmation battle that allegations against him might mean he would have to give up coaching his daughter’s basketball team, implying that he could be a pedophile because of the sexual assault accusations, which he repeatedly denied.

But Kavanaugh did return to coaching as The Post’s Ann E. Marimow wrote, reporting that he was “back in action over the Thanksgiving holiday leading his younger daughter’s team to the championship game of a tournament in the Washington suburbs.”

But the article was placed under the Post’s “Public Safety” tag, as noted by National Republican Senatorial Committee member Logan Dobson.

“tf is this tag, @washingtonpost,” he tweeted, pointing out in another tweet that it was placed in the same section that featured an article about a 6-year-old child hit by a bus in Charles County, Md.

While there was essentially no evidence to corroborate any of the claims made against Kavanaugh, the left continues to vilify him with some Democrats vowing to impeach the Supreme Court Justice once they are back in power.

Placing any article about him in the “public safety” section was going too far as Twitter users slammed The Washington Post’s decision.

Frieda Powers


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