Dem cracking down on people shoveling snow from sidewalks cited multiple times, fined $149 for not doing her own

A Democratic official in Minneapolis was all for cracking down on snow-shoveling scofflaws, which is apparently a thing up north, but it was revealed that she’s one of the shovel-dodging outlaws.

City Council President Lisa Bender, a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party,  has spoken about the importance of keeping city sidewalks clear, however, she was the recipient of seven complaints last winter on snowy or icy sidewalks around her home, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

In fact, the problem was so bad that city workers had to be dispatched to shovel the sidewalks and Bender was fined $149.

“We’ve owned our house for ten years,” the elected official told the paper. “We’re a family of two working parents with two small children, and we do our very best to shovel our sidewalk at all times.”

But at least the hypocrite accepted taking her lumps from the city she governs.

“If there are times when we haven’t gotten to it, then that’s why the city’s enforcement mechanism is there,” Bender said. “I should be treated like every other property owner in the city.”

The city sent a letter to all residents recently reminding them that they are required by city ordinance to clear their sidewalks and warned of an enforcement crackdown.

Bender had plenty to say about sidewalks at a City Council meeting in October.

“[We] hear stories about how people are trapped in their homes during the winter when the sidewalks are not clear,” she said. “Particularly in parts of town where we have walkable neighborhoods.”

“We have a lot of constituents who depend on our sidewalks to be able to get around, and I think that’s why there’s so much interest in this and so much passion about this issue,” Bender added.

Now if she can only muster enough passion to shovel her own sidewalks.

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Tom Tillison


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