Joy Reid: Americans are too racist to vote for Michelle Obama-Oprah 2020 ticket

A MSNBC “AM Joy” panel was salivating over who might be able to defeat President Donald Trump in 2020 when panelist Tiffany Cross threw out what she deemed to be a dream team.

“My number one ticket who can beat Donald Trump by a landslide: Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey,” Cross said.

But host Joy Reid is so set on her hate-filled racist view of our country that she fired back to say America is too racist to elect the women because they are black.

The same country that elected Barack Hussein Obama.

When her idea was met with skepticism, Cross, the managing editor and curator of The Beat DC, recognized that Mrs. Obama and Winfrey have said they’re not running before citing polls showing each of the women beating Trump.

Cross then made a claim no one would dare refute on national television.

“I know they said they’re not running,” she said, before making a claim no one would dare refute.

“But black women have saved this country time and again. They saved Alabama from an accused pedophile,” Cross said.

And this when Reid interjected to remind the panel of how racist America is.

“But racially polarized voting is a real thing and people will say they will vote for Oprah until she is on the ballot,” Reid said.

Interestingly, she did not mention Michelle Obama.

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