First incident of caravan-related violence in US as illegal sets fire to tree in Cali, throws rocks at border patrol

The first instance of migrant caravan violence took place on the southern border and the incident was a sign of what may lie in store amid reports illegal immigrants plan to march on the border en masse.

A sign in more ways than one, given that the Honduran man arrested Friday has had multiple arrests in Florida and was deported back in June, according to US Customs and Border Protection.

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The 31-year-old man said he was part of the invading migrant caravan, but broke off and crossed the U.S. border illegally on his own, authorities said.

Border Patrol agents began tracking the man east of the Andrade, California, port of entry, eventually locating him near a tree.

Looking to avoid being detained, the illegal immigrant climbed the tree and set it on fire. He then began throwing rocks at agents on the ground and a helicopter that had arrived on the scene.

Throwing rocks has proven to be a common tactic of some in the caravan, as was seen in clashes that took place with Mexican authorities.

Charging the border is another tactic employed when the caravan entered Mexico.

President Donald Trump caused a stir earlier this month when he told reporters the U.S. military will view throwing rocks on the same scale as a firearm.

“They’re throwing rocks viciously and violently,” the president said. “They want to throw rocks at our military, our military is going to fight back … we will consider that a firearm.”

Trump would later clarify he meant illegal immigrants would be “arrested,” not shot.

The agents and helicopter were not hit by the rocks thrown Friday and no injuries or damage were reported.

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