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Michael Moore: We must shun Trump supporters like we shunned smokers

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Conservative talk radio host Lawrence Jones slammed “lazy” liberals like Michael Moore for pushing “identity politics” instead of engaging in real dialogue about issues.

Moore called for Americans to “shun” the “racist and misogynist” President Trump supporters during his interview with MSNBC’s Ali Velshi who claimed that “a third of the country” is “angry” and “intolerant.”

Jones, editor-in-chief of CampusReform, noted that rhetoric like Moore’s is typical on the left.

“Instead of trying to figure out what happened, what message didn’t sell, these guys go to the identity politics,” Jones said on “Fox & Friends” on Saturday. “These people are so lazy, they don’t want to get into that. They would just prefer – because it’s lazy – to demonize you.”

The radio host and author was reacting to Moore’s interview in which he urged Americans to “shun” Trump supporters like “smokers.”

“First of all, it’s hard — you can’t build a bridge to a racist or a misogynist,” the liberal film director said. “You know, they have — they have to be shunned and treated like we treated smokers 20 years ago, ten years ago.”

Jones contended that Moore and others on the left regularly use the racism card to shut down debate rather than engage in a meaningful dialogue about the real issues that matter. Jones noted that the identity politics used by the left have worked for a long time but they are now in a panic as Americans are more interested in “pocketbook issues” like border security and health care.

“That’s why you see a white guy like Michael Moore using identity politics when he really doesn’t relate to any of the identities that he’s supposed to be representing as a filmmaker,” Jones explained.

He described Trump as “not an ideologue” but as someone who works to find common ground as a “bridge-builder,” not as a divider like those on the left.

Pointing to New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as an example of socialists using identity politics and getting a seat in Congress, Jones concluded by warning that “we can no longer laugh at these people.”

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