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NBC ‘blindsides’ and angers parents for ‘sexualizing’ Macy’s Parade with first-ever lesbian kiss

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The way network television thrusts the gay lifestyle on Americans, you would never guess that Gallup estimated the number of adults in 2017 identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender at just 4.5 percent.

Celebrating homosexuality is a common theme in today’s culture war, penetrated all aspects of society to include family traditions like Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade — and if you dare resist you are labeled a hate-filled homophobe.

Unsuspecting NBC viewers, to include children, were subjected to what was called the “first LGBT kiss in the Parade’s history” when two lesbians were featured on live TV locking lips.

Josh Lamon, co-star of the Broadway musical “The Prom,” tweeted a screenshot of a kiss between the show’s leads, Caitlin Kinnunen and Isabella McCalla.

“So proud. So thankful,” Lamon tweeted.

And while most Americans really don’t care what two consenting adults do behind closed doors, there are many who resent having others’ sexuality forced down their throats.

An occurrence that happens with regularity by those determined to mainstream an alternative lifestyle — where individuals are held up for acclaim and championed for no other reason than who they choose to have sex with.

Never mind that not everyone agrees with their agenda, as seen in a tweet from the conservative group ForAmerica.

“Millions of small children just watched two girls kiss and had their innocence broken this morning. @nbc and @Macys just blindsided parents who expected this to be a family program, so they could push their agenda on little kids,” the tweet read.


“We weren’t allowed to enjoy this moment before the incessant homosexual agenda was thrust into America’s face,” Life Site News wrote.

Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes accused the department store of “using its nationally-televised parade to promote a specific agenda.”

In short, of “sexualizing” the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

“This year, Macy’s made ‘history’ for broadcasting the family-friendly parade’s first-ever lesbian kiss,” Starnes wrote.

“Hundreds of parents reached out to me — and they were beyond furious,” he added.

Here’s a few samplings of responses from Twitter:






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