‘Have another beer, Joe’! Scarborough ripped to shreds for pathetic Thanksgiving Day tribute to Hillary

Well, it’s understandable that some people assumed MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough had one too many on Thanksgiving Day when he took to Twitter to give thanks for … Hillary Clinton.


“I’m thankful that as a young Goldwater Republican, Hillary Rodham became interested in public service. The tragedy of Vietnam transformed her politics but did not dampen her passion to try and make the world a better place,” Scarborough tweeted Thursday evening.

And that was just the warm up, as Scarborough had plenty more to say to ensure his liberal audience remains faithful in 2019.

“Though I’ve not often been on her side politically, I have respected her grit, determination and fierce work ethic,” he declared in a second tweet. “History will remember her as a challenged campaigner but should also remember her as a senator passionate about policy who was respected by Senate Republicans.”

In yet a THIRD tweet, Scarborough transitioned from thanking Hillary to defending her.

“Why give thanks for Hillary?” he asked. “Because we must all do a better job understanding that the treatment Secretary Clinton has received from Trump and his allies discourages others on both sides from committing their lives to public service. Hillary deserves better. We deserve better.”

And as entertaining as all of this was, the responses made for a nice nightcap to what must have been a full day of thanks for ol’ Joe.

If there was a common theme among the responses, it might be that ol’ Joe is cray-cray.

Although, there is one other possibility that seems even more feasible:

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