Awkward moment young conservative is whisked off segment for comparing Hillary Clinton to herpes

Fox News had to issue an apology to its viewers and to Hillary Clinton after a guest compared the failed 2016 Democratic candidate to “herpes.”

Turning Point USA’s Director of Spanish Engagement Anna Paulina conspicuously disappeared from a Fox News segment on Thursday in which host Rick Leventhal was asking her about Clinton’s emails.


“I’d have to say, with everything that happened with President Trump and the border, you know the Dick Act of 1903 established the ability of the president to federalize the National Guard and basically call forth the National Guard in times of crisis…” Paulina responded, clearly jumping to another topic.

Leventhal turned to his other guest, political analyst Doug Schoen, after reminding Paulina what the topic of discussion was.

He remarked after Schoen’s comments that it was amazing that Clinton is still in the headlines.

“She won’t go away. She’s like herpes!” Paulina quipped.

“Okay, that is news that we are breaking here. Not appropriate,” a clearly surprised Leventhal said.

And after the Turning Point director was shuffled off the panel, the Fox News host apologized to viewers.

“We are going to wrap this segment a little bit early because of the language that was used in the segment, and we apologize to our viewers for that,” Leventhal said.


Fox News anchor Arthel Neville added an apology directly to the former secretary of state on behalf of the network.

“We are all Americans, and that is the focus and we want to reiterate that we do not condone the language that Anna Paulina just displayed here, and we apologize to Secretary Clinton for that,” she said following the segment. “Fox News does not condone her sentiment.”

The segment prompted reaction from Twitter users:

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