Attn: Maxine Waters! Diamond & Silk put black leaders who foolishly ignore Trump’s prison reform on notice.

Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, better known as Diamond and Silk, praised President Donald Trump’s efforts to get a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill passed.

But in a video posted on their “Chit Chat Live” program, the women delivered some equally strong-worded condemnation – and public calling-out – of black leaders in Congress who dismissed the historic bill, while they defended Trump against accusations of racism.

The president tweeted Friday that the proposed bill has “a true shot at major bipartisan support” in the Senate,  saying at a press conference earlier this month that it “will make our communities safer and give former inmates a second chance at life after they have served their time.”

In the House, where it is known as the “First Step Act,” the bill passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support  earlier this year and Trump has been strongly advocating for its passage in the Senate. But a lame-duck Senate may not be able to get it to a vote this year.

Hardaway and Richardson commented on the “second chance” former inmates will have under the proposed bill, unloading on those who have characterized Trump as racist and “call him all these nasty names.”

“I don’t see a racist making sure that people get a second chance,” Hardaway said, citing Trump making sure that African-Americans, and all Americans, have job opportunities while making the economy strong so people can “pick and choose” whatever job they would like.

“If he’s a racist, he’s bad at being one,” Richardson quipped, adding that although former President Obama was “the first bi-racial president,” his “black side did nothing for black people.”

“Black people especially have got to understand, you continue to vote for the same system that put this system in place for you,” Richardson said. “Because it was Bill  Clinton, a Democrat that put this magic in place for you.”

Hardaway then lit into Democrats who were responsible for the criminal justice system and the failed programs that have led to the current crisis. Richardson delivered a short history lesson on the fact that Democrats are the party that “fought to keep black people enslaved.”

She called out many of the people serving in Congress right now who had marched in civil rights protests but would not vote in favor of the prison reform bill.

“They marched for your freedom but wouldn’t even come to the table to vote for your freedom,” Richardson said before launching into a reading of their names – beginning with Rep. Maxine Waters and Rep. John Lewis, a congressman for over three decades and a champion of the civil rights movement.

The women blasted the black members of Congress who remained silent under Obama, “went along” with former President Bill Clinton but refuse to cooperate with Trump who is endorsing historic reforms. The simple factor keeping these Democrats from working with Trump, Hardaway declared, is their “ego.”

“They will prefer to cut off their whole head to spite the rest of their body,” Richardson said, just because they dislike the president.

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