‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ triggers Millennials who are certain they’ve spotted racism

Political correctness has snared the Peanuts gang.

Liberals have been triggered by this year’s airing of “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” pointing to a scene where the black character, Franklin, is sitting alone on one side of the dinner table.


The classic holiday special, first aired in 1973, was on ABC and social media users took note of Franklin being segregated — the irony being that Charles Schultz added him to the Peanuts gang back in 1968 in response to a teacher’s request that he add a black character to help ease racial tensions at the time.

The request coming after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. — in 1968, the “Peanuts” comic strip was read by nearly 100 million people each week.

Franklin’s first appearance can be seen below:

But that didn’t stop hypersensitive Millennials from declaring the table scene as racist, even noting that his choice of a folding lawn chair was secondary to the other character’s chairs.

It’s not clear why Franklin is by himself, but if there’s any consolation he does have access to more desserts on his side of the table.





For what it’s worth, the liberal fact checking site Snopes scoffed at the idea that the scene was racist, suggesting it was a “subjective” determination.

Be assured, the Peanuts will be triggering leftists for years to come:


Tom Tillison


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