‘They have some real explaining to do’: Trump finds out Chuck Schumer’s daughter works for Facebook

President Donald Trump said Facebook has some explaining to do after he noted that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s daughter worked for the social media giant.

“Well, I know that Schumer’s daughter works for Facebook, which I just found out today,” Trump said Tuesday after fielding a reporter’s question about Facebook bias. “And if you look at what Facebook’s been doing, they having some real explaining to do. How they are so Democrat oriented  — all of them.”

“Schumer’s daughter works for Facebook,” he continued. “I was very surprised and disappointed to hear that. Nobody knew that until now.”

The New York Post reported over the weekend that Schumer’s youngest daughters, Alison Schumer, works at Facebook as a product marketing manager.

Employees at the social media platform, to include high level brass, have also donated around $50,000 to the New York Democrat’s campaign coffers.

And in exchange, Schumer has taken to doing Facebook’s bidding on Capitol Hill.

More from The Post:

Last week, it emerged that Schumer has been a strong advocate of Facebook on Capitol Hill. He pressured Sen. Mark Warner (D- Virginia), one of Facebook’s most aggressive challengers in Congress, to back off from investigating the company, according to The New York Times.

Schumer’s support of Facebook remained steadfast even as it emerged that Russian trolls were using the social media platform to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. The company’s also come under fire for lax privacy standards leading to the exposure of users’ personal data.

“Facebook is a very powerful force,” Schumer said in March, as the problems began coming to light. “I think, overall, it’s been a very positive force.”


And while the political world focused on Alison Schumer’s employer, she was busy getting married.

The daughter, who is gay, married Elizabeth Weiland Sunday evening in Brooklyn, The New York Post reported.

Alison Schumer, a Harvard graduate, is on the left in the photo above, with Weiland on the right.

Sen. Schumer, flanked by security, attended the wedding along with a small gathering of close friends and family. The NYPD reportedly closed off the street upon his arrival.


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