Who’s he talking to? Obama raises eyebrows, stirs dissent with talk of America’s ‘racism’ & ‘mommy issues’

Former President Obama seems to still be carrying around a chip on his shoulder and he doesn’t seem to mind using it to stir the pot during contentious times.

Without offering any new solutions, Obama discussed how the world “badly needs remaking” during a talk at the Obama Foundation summit in Chicago on Monday, the Daily Mail reported.


Issues like climate change, education and agriculture are easy to solve, Obama insisted, claiming they  are “not nearly as complicated as they are made out to be.”

Obama argued that “mommy issues” and “racism” have gotten in the way of solving the world’s problems, and while never directly mentioning President Donald Trump by name, many thought the dig was aimed at him.

“The reason we don’t do it is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate and anger and racism,” he said, referring to working on making the world better.

This from the divisive president who wrote an autobiography titled “Dreams from My Father.”

In a conversation with Dave Eggers on Monday, Obama also seemed to imply that America was a better place before Trump became president. He reportedly remarked that if one could choose a time and place to be born, it would certainly be the United States, the Daily Mail reported.

“If you had to be born at any moment in human history, and you didn’t know ahead of time whether you were going to be Black, white, Asian, Latino, that you didn’t know what country you were from, whether you’re male, female, gay, straight…you’d choose now,” Obama said.

“Or maybe two years ago,” he quipped, prompting laughter from the audience.

He also addressed the need for change and what holds it back.

“What prevents us from implementing most of the things that we would probably collectively agree would make the world better is not an absence of technical solutions. It’s because there are humans involved,” he said.

Twitter users weighed in on which president seemed to really be the one with the “issues.”

Frieda Powers


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