Powers blasted for ‘submitting’ to CNN’s ‘insane, dishonest agenda.’ It’s now OK to call women who disagree racist?

White women who dare buck the liberal agenda are the latest demographic to be demonized by the American left.

Liberal pundit Kirsten Powers was slammed last week for labeling white, Trump-voting women as racists.

Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham took on Powers’ incendiary statements Monday night on The Ingraham Angle with conservative Washington Times Opinion Editor, Monica Crowley and Democrat strategist, Rochelle Ritchie.

Ingraham and Crowley blasted Powers who was seemingly a moderate liberal when she worked as a pundit at Fox News. In 2015, Powers was on Fox promoting her book that blasted the left for being intolerant of those who have opposing political views.

Powers’ position on the issue has taken a drastic change since her move to CNN.

“She seems to have dutifully submitted to CNN and its insane, dishonest agenda,” Crowley said in response to Powers’ recent comments.

Crowley blasted Powers’ assumption that women who support Trump are racist. First, and foremost because the presumption that Trump is a racist couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Clearly, [Trump] is not. That is all part of this massive defamation effort launched against this president… only fools believe that,” she noted.

“The second part of this is, that if you voted for him you’re a racist. By that logic, Laura, if you voted for Mrs. Clinton you are a liar and lawbreaker.”

Crowley summed up Powers’ “logic” as “patently absurd.”

Ingraham agreed and accused Powers of stereotyping and generalizing which is what “liberals” claim not to do.

Ritchie came out of the gates saying that she didn’t believe all white women who voted for Trump were racists. But…

“I don’t think they care if he is, because it does not impact their every day lives” she clarified.

Ritchie said she’s less concerned about supposed racism, than she is about women who voted for Trump knowing his “misogynistic” history.

“That’s the big thing to me,” she continued. “I’m not really sure why Kirsten made these comments, because quite frankly, this is a system she has benefited from as a white woman.”

Ingraham brought up the deafening liberal silence over Bill Clinton’s affairs and numerous allegations of sexual assault.

Crowley slammed the left’s unending hypocrisy before listing the reasons why she voted for Trump.

“I voted for Trump on economic issues, trade, exiting the Iran deal, renegotiating NAFTA and so on,” she said.


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