Actress who accused Avenatti of domestic abuse is identified, takes another legal step against him

Attorney and liberal activist Michael Avenatti has been dealt yet another devastating blow.

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The man who became famous for representing porn star Stormy Daniels in a lawsuit against President Trump has found himself in more legal trouble after a woman filed a restraining order against him on Monday.

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Mareli Miniutti filed the order in Los Angeles on the grounds of domestic violence according to court records obtained by The Blast. Miniutti is an actress originally from Estonia, she’s in her 2o’s and recently made a brief appearance in the movie Oceans Eight, according The Blast.

Mareli Miniutti. Image Facebook, via the Blaze.


Mareli Miniutti. Image Facebook, via the Blaze.

Miniutti appears to be the woman behind the arrest of Avenatti last week on domestic violence charges. Avenatti claimed to be innocent of the charges and came under heavy fire for demanding due process after his despicable treatment of then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Once again, Avenatti is denying any abuse allegations and came out swinging against the restraining order with a statement issued on Twitter, saying he will be “exonerated”:

While the creepy porn lawyer has become a liberal hero, his unethical behavior and widespread legal trouble isn’t lost on those who aren’t taking mercy on him:

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