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‘Sore loser’ Andrew Gillum refuses to concede despite gaining only 1 vote in Florida recount

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Democrat Andrew Gillum refused to concede even though a machine recount in Florida’s contested gubernatorial race yielded a whopping total of one extra vote for him. The recount reaffirmed the initial results showing that Republican Ron DeSantis won the election.

Although he won’t concede, Gillium hasn’t filed legally for a hand recount. It is unlikely to produce a different result and will only waste more time and taxpayer money.

florida governor ron desantis wife Casey DeSantis
Florida’s new governor Ron DeSantis and his lovely wife Casey.

The machine recount yielded a margin outside the 0.25 percent threshold needed for a manual recount, The Miami Herald reported.

In a statement, Ron DeSantis called the recount results “clear and unambiguous,” and said he’s honored to be Florida’s new governor.

“I remain humbled by your support and the great honor the people of Florida have shown me as I prepare to serve as your next governor,” DeSantis said. “I invite Mayor Gillum to join me in the days ahead in a conversation about the future of our great state.”

Meanwhile, Andrew Gillum — the mayor of Tallahassee — continued to pout and refused to concede. “A vote denied is justice denied,” he said. “The State of Florida must count every legally cast vote.”

Twitter users blasted Gillum, saying he needs to wake up and smell the reality.

“Gillum….concede. It’s over. The people in our state want to move on.”

“Andrew Gillum is such a sore loser!”

“Gillum-Abrams 2020: The ticket that won’t take no for an answer.”

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida slammed Gillum, saying his denial of reality is “undignified.”

“Governor-elect Ron DeSantis is going to do a great job for Florida,” Gaetz told Fox News host Ed Henry. “Andrew Gillum’s continuation of this charade really is undignified. He ought to concede immediately.”


Gaetz, an attorney, said the refusal of Democrats Andrew Gillum and Stacey Abrams to concede after losing their elections is shameless grandstanding to raise their national profiles. Both Gillum and Abrams were unknowns before their election debacles.

“Whether it’s Stacey Abrams or Andrew Gillum, where they are trying to enhance their celebrity by not conceding — that’s not really good for democracy,” Matt Gaetz said. “We all ought to be willing to accept the results of the voters. And here that was clearly for DeSantis.”

Congrats Florida! You chose wisely.

Andrew Gillum (Democrat):

  • Florida A&M University, bachelor’s degree.
  • Mayor of Tallahassee since 2014.
  • Tallahassee has one of the highest crime rates in the United States.
  • Tallahassee was voted one of the most dangerous places to live in U.S.
  • Tallahassee was voted one of the “50 worst places to live” in America.

Ron DeSantis (Republican):

  • Florida Congressman since 2013.
  • Harvard Law School graduate, undergraduate degree from Yale.
  • Served in U.S. Navy (2004-2010).
  • Fought in Iraq War.
  • Awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service.
  • Chairman of the House National Security subcommittee.

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