‘Next move?’ Acosta speaks, reaction pours in when judge orders WH immediately restore press credentials

A federal judge ruled that Jim Acosta’s due process rights were violated and ordered the White House to return the CNN reporter’s press credentials.

Judge Timothy J. Kelly, who was appointed by President Donald Trump, ruled in favor of Acosta in CNN’s lawsuit claiming that the White House violated his First Amendment rights when it revoked his press pass after a contentious exchange between the network’s chief White House correspondent and Trump.


Immediately, reaction from both sides rolled in, prompting some to ask what the next move will be. Perhaps, a ‘freeze out?’

The litigation will be moving forward as Kelly’s ruling Friday does not end the case, only ruling on the network’s emergency motion to immediately reinstate Acosta’s “hard pass.”

“I will grant the application for the temporary restraining order I order the [government] reinstate the pass.” Kelly said, according to Fox News.

The judge ruled that before taking away his pass, the White House should have given Acosta due process and that harm to Acosta has already occurred, as BuzzFeed News’ Paul McLeod noted in a series of tweets as the news unfolded Friday.

“Indeed whatever process occurred within the government is still so shrouded in mystery that the government could not tell me at oral argument who made the initial decision to revoke Mr. Acosta’s press pass,” Kelly said.

The White House maintained that it had the right to revoke Acosta’s “hard pass”, which was suspended “until further notice” because the reporter “disrupted the fair and orderly administration of a press conference” when he refused to give up the microphone.

But the judge ruled that Acosta’s constitutional rights outweighed the rights of the administration to have an “orderly” press conference.

Other media organizations as well as the White House Correspondents’ Association backed CNN with amicus, or “friend of court,” briefs.

CNN attorney Ted Boutros announced that the network was “extremely pleased with the ruling today.”

“A great day for the First Amendment and journalism,” he said, according to ABC News. “We’re very excited to have Mr. Acosta be able to go back and get his hard pass and report the news about the White House.”

Acosta addressed supporters after the ruling, thanking colleagues for standing with him.

“Let’s go back to work,” he said.

Reaction continues to come rolling in like wildfire.

Mike Huckabee had a particularly interesting take:

Bill O’Reilly called it a ‘bad ruling’:

Former WH Press Secretary Ari Fleischer asked what Acosta’s next move will be? More grandstanding, perhaps?

While liberals celebrated “free speech,” media reporter for The Hill, Joe Concha, clarified how the judge ruled:

CNN offered its own statement:

One thing is for certain. This is not over.

Frieda Powers


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