Bill Kristol’s ‘Republican’ group reportedly has no GOP donors, but DOES have massive backing from left-wing billionaire

So-called “conservative” commentator Bill Kristol reportedly has his never-ending campaign to take down President Donald Trump receive funding from a left-wing billionaire.

Kristol, the editor-at-large of The Weekly Standard, seems to have taken his never-Trump activities to another level, actively opposing Republican candidates and conservative causes through the group he founded, “Republicans for the Rule of Law.”

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But despite its name, the group seems to have no Republican donors according to a report by Julie Kelly of American Greatness, though there is one prominent benefactor: progressive billionaire Pierre Omidyar, the co-founder of eBay.

One of Omidyar’s nonprofits, the Democracy Fund, has given Kristol’s umbrella group, Defending Democracy Together, at least $600,000 since May, according to the report. National Review contributor Mona Charen, Republican strategist Linda Chavez, and former Republican governor Christine Todd Whitman are just some of the other Never-Trumpers who are part of the group with Kristol.

One of the group’s latest crusades has been to unite with leftists to oppose Matthew Whitaker, Trump’s pick to temporarily replace former attorney general Jeff Sessions, with “Republicans for the Rule of Law” sponsoring ads on Sunday morning political shows last weekend, Kelly reported.

According to Kelly:

The group’s primary role so far appears to be pimping for the Mueller probe, a political witch-hunt that Kristol and his fellow NeverTrumpers pray will lead to the impeachment and removal of the president. The Left and their NeverTrump footsoldiers fear Whitaker will thwart the special counsel’s investigation instead of rubber stamping Mueller’s ever-expanding investigation as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has done over the past 18 months.


Omidyar, 51, and his wife, have been heavily involved in “funding dissident ex-conservatives,” according to Kelly who noted that the couple have been “among the most prolific supporters of left-wing causes for years.”

More than $500,000 has been given by the billionaire to mostly Democrat candidates since 1999, and has been part of a group funding leftist organizations pushing abortion, gun control, climate change alarmists and liberal candidates.

Kristol did not appear to deny the claim by Kelly, but tweeted about the “public spiritedness” of the left as he linked to the article in American Greatness.

“And lately, Omidyar seems to have become a big fan of Kristol’s, probably because of their mutual hatred of Donald Trump. Digging a little deeper it looks like they may have more in common since Kristol has recently found his ‘inner socialist’ and he now opposes Republican candidates,” Kelly reported.

Omidyar has reportedly given millions to left-wing billionaire George Soros and his projects like the Open Society Foundations, which is a major source of funding for Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the Center for American Progress. The group’s goals include “creating a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, cutting the number of prison inmates by 50%, enacting comprehensive immigration reform, increasing welfare handouts, and raising taxes to redistribute wealth.”

The Iranian-born Omidyar also donated $250,000 to the NeverTrump PAC in 2016 and has filled his Twitter timeline with anti-Trump rhetoric – just like Kristol.

Kristol, who served under Republican presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, is anything but a conservative these days. He has opposed Trump out of the starting gate and slammed his “America First” approach as “vulgar,” and launched Defending Democracy Together to find a GOP candidate to run against Trump in 2020.

There was speculation a few months back that the so-called “conservative” commentator might himself be running for president in 2020, a suggestion that prompted White House counselor Kellyanne Conway to quip, “Of this country?”

“It’s one thing for a political pundit like Kristol to brand himself as a Trump-hating ‘conservative’ to earn hits on cable news shows and get fawning coverage in elite media publications. It’s quite another to partner up with the sworn enemies of the very principles one has claimed not only to champion, but of which he has insisted he is the last, best defender,” Kelly wrote.

“His new friend is a foe of these causes and has been for decades, which makes it appear as though Kristol is ready to sell out to any deep pocket just to damage the president while hiding the fact that his crusade is financed, at least in part, by a major anti-Trump, anti-conservative left-wing billionaire,” Kelly added.

The American Greatness contributor wondered how long before others call out Kristol’s credentials and expose that he is “now on the other side.”

“The irony is rich indeed that ‘Republicans for the Rule of Law’ is financed by a Democrat,” Kelly wrote.

Twitter users weighed in on that “irony” and how Kristol “sold his soul” to the other side.

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