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‘Bitter’ Bette Midler breaks all feminist PC rules with disgusting dig at Melania, earns a dressing-down of her own

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If Bette Midler thought her tasteless attack on Melania Trump would get her applause, she was sorely mistaken.

**Warning for adult content.


The entertainer was dragged over her insulting tweet smearing the first lady with a photo from her modeling days which included an equally low-class hashtag instead of #FLOTITS.

No telling what prompted the fresh attack on the first lady by the Trump-hating singer. Perhaps it was the surprising news that she publicly called for Deputy National Security Adviser Mira Ricardel to be fired this week.

But Midler proved again how hypocritical liberals are, touting their feminist rhetoric while trashing strong conservative women who don’t meet up with their approval. Women on a CNN panel this week were aghast at the first lady’s nerve to express an opinion considering the president’s wife is “just a former model.”

Midler was raked over the coals for her shameful tweet but the 72-year-old has not issued anything close to an apology.

Frieda Powers


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