Melania’s spox reprimands CNN reporter trying to ‘stir up trouble’ between Michelle Obama and FLOTUS

Former first lady Michelle Obama, who plays the role of victim well and is quick to take offense over the actions of others, has a real knack for grating on our nerves.

Mrs. Obama harrumphed in an interview with ABC anchor Robin Roberts that her successor, first lady Melania Trump, never sought her great and wise counsel. When asked by CNN for a comment, Mrs. Trump’s press secretary Stephanie Grisham said her boss is “a strong and independent woman.”

And that’s where CNN’s inherent bias against the Trump White House took over.

Obama is peddling her new memoir and Roberts asked about a passage where she wrote that her predecessor, Laura Bush, told her she was “a phone call away” should she need help, before explaining that she extended the same offer of help to Trump.

Asked by Roberts if Trump has taken her up on the offer, Obama was succinct in her reply: “No.”

When asked for comment, Grisham told CNN that “Mrs. Trump is a strong and independent woman who has been navigating her role as First Lady in her own way. When she needs advice on any issue, she seeks it from her professional team within the White House.”

The comment was then characterized as a “clap back” by CNN’s Kate Bennett in a tweet she would later delete.

Bennett also noted that Mrs. Trump has entertained former first lady Laura Bush — no context was offered on the visit.

Grisham responded to the now-deleted tweet, which she said was an attempt to “stir up trouble.”

But then, as the tagline once said, “This is CNN.”

“I wouldn’t characterize is as “clapping back” Kate. I was asked a question & I gave an answer, which is my job. Seems silly to to try & apply emotions to my answers or try to stir up trouble,” she tweeted.

While not quite a mea culpa, Bennett did acknowledge her error … sort of.

“Fair. I didn’t use the term the correct way,” the CNN reporter said in a reply to the tweet from Grisham.

(Is there another way to use it?)

After deleting the original tweet, a corrected Bennett offered a more sanitized, dare we say accurate version of Grisham’s response.

She then added further commentary, acknowledging she had implied something “that wasn’t a thing,” but Bennett still came up short of apologizing, noting instead, “I am a human person.”

Yep, this is CNN.

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