Marie Harf on Dems’ House strategy: ‘It won’t just be willy-nilly impeach, impeach, impeach, unless…’

If there’s a benefit to special counsel Robert Mueller having successfully dragged out his Russian collusion probe, former Obama State Department spokesman Marie Harf hit on it while discussing what to expect with the Democratic Party taking control of the House.

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Harf was asked by host Chris Wallace how much “serious governing business” House Democrats be able to get done over the next two years, after he ran a clip of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi saying they have an obligation to find common ground with the president, but also have a “constitutional responsibility to be a check on the executive branch.”

“So, I think the investigations will be very strategic. They will be specific,” Harf said of the oversight Pelosi, who’s expected to reclaim the speaker’s gavel, spoke of. “It won’t just be willy-nilly impeach, impeach, impeach, unless Mueller comes up with something really earth-shattering.”

The catch being what a Democrat-controlled House considers “earth-shattering,” as opposed to a GOP-controlled House.

Harf’s remark rings empty given that Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., who is expected to take a leadership role in the House, was preaching “impeach, impeach, impeach” as recently as September — Waters may soon be leading an effort to subpoena Trump’s tax returns.

Further undermining her own authority, Harf ignored the fact that the Democratic minority in Congress hung its hat these past two years on obstructing Trump and the GOP at every turn to put the onus on them not to obstruct Pelosi and Co.

“But I really think Democrats can do both,” she said of Pelosi’s assessment. “The ball is going to be in President Trump and the senate’s court to see if they actually want to govern or just obstruct House Democrats.”

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